Let’s talk about Blondie. She thinks I do not feel the same way and do not care about her because I have made my choice not to be vulnerable.



Who wants to be vulnerable? I used to be and I almosy ruined my life, why would I again? It’s idiotic, so I have decided to change that. Is it wrong that she thinks differently, in a bad way, because of that choice? I believe it is. I have not made this post to be mean to my friend, I want her to know that she is the greatest friend I have ever known. She relates to me like no one else. Aurora and Addie were trying to change me, Blondie doesn’t do that. She hopes for me to do great in life, and not screw everything up on the way. I know that I will never have a friend like Blondie again, and that’s hard to admit, because that would mean less great people in this world. I feel mixed emotions, though, when I look into past memories. I remember her sceptical face when I refused to believe marijuana was addictive, her eyebrows raised and that look in them. I almost felt insecure, and I felt really terrible that I was putting her through something like that. But I felt equally as mad that she wouldn’t understand and let it go. I felt like she thought she was better than me, and I didn’t matter, and I was afraid she would just give up on me and walk away. It actually terrified me and kept me up all night wondering about how my life would be without her. I knew, though, that if I gave in then I would seem like a push over and stupid, so I kept my head held high, which was the wrong thing to do. It cost me emotional pain, they threatened to leave me and tell my mum. I literally hated them, I talked to Lella and she said that they wouldn’t tell her. I was relieved, but they were cold and distant in class. It was during our retarted class T.U.S.C. that I found out, Lella went to present, talking about marijuana, I felt my face getting hot, but I knew that I could give nothing away, for I was not capable of blushing. I started doodling on my binder, not paying attention. I glanced up to see Loosy turning around and tightly smiling at me, her expression solemn, I wanted to punch her face, but repelled. I was hurt by them, my best friends, but I know now that they were jsut trying to protect me and they cared for me that much, they would have made me hate them for ever, just so I would stop and see reason. I was a stupoid girl. But my point. Blondie is loyal, smart, funny, a good dancer, creative, and possibly the best friend I have ever had. I can remember a time when she was cold and unfriendly, but I can’t remember a time when she’s made me wish she wasn’t my friend. She thinks I don’t care for her, she isn’t right and I know. Just because I have made a choice, doesn’t mean I don’t choose her, just because I don’t show feelings for someone, if I hurt them I’m sorry, but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel them. Tata. ❤


5 Responses to “EMOBLONDIE”

  1. 1 DeathlyAngel
    July 2, 2009 at 8:42 am

    Wow, some life. This is obvs fake dudes. This Simi has been lieing! Does anyone really even know her? I think not. It’s just a publicity scam to see how many people she knows. Obvs.

    • 2 similala26
      July 3, 2009 at 9:58 am

      WTF dude? If you don’t like my blog don’t read it … Who are you btw? I’m real! Blondie back me up! I rebel against faker’s. And FYI, lmao, the only people that read this are my friends. And I know them pretty well.

      • 3 DeathlyAngel
        July 4, 2009 at 6:41 am

        Right, well. I can tell ur faking, your lieing to ur friends, because I can tell liars apart from the real peple. It’s really pathetic and stupid. I didn’t want to read ur blog, I stumbled upon it. AND obvs those friends of urs aren’t real friends because they haven’t replied and tried to help u out. Their just faker’s like u. Where do u live? The town of Loser’s or Faker’s?

      • 4 bigcitysoundgirl
        July 4, 2009 at 5:47 pm

        Jesus, I know her in real life. She isn’t lying, she isn’t making up some random shit about people she doesn’t know.
        stfu, and go try to find your own life, don’t be jealous that she actually has friends and you don’t.

  2. July 2, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    “Just because I have made a choice, doesn’t mean I don’t choose her.”

    I think our friendship is so weird, like in some ways we’re a lot alike and we can relate, and then we’re like polar opposites at times, but we strive to understand the other person’s point of view.

    When I found out about your little secret, yeah I wanted to everything in my power to stop it. But after all of Loosy and TB’s going on about you ‘RUINING YOUR LIFE” and all that, I gave up. I never stopped hating it, and I never will, but at some point people have to let go; realize it’s not their life.Obviously our words could never be enough, so why bother? I was ready to take you as you are, staying out of what your decision had given you though.
    Instead of making it the main topic, I just knew that YOU knew I dissaproved, and I knew that YOU knew that I wasn’t going to be involved, and then we could continue as normal from there.
    I felt at many times Loosy and TB were taking it much too far. I think you felt the salt burn the first time they told you they didn’t want to be your friend if you continued, they could’ve left it at that.
    And I think vulnerability presents itself whether people want it to or not- and independency the same. Maybe we can’t control it. Like falling in love is a state of vulnerability- and standing up for a cause is a state of independency..so we will always be filled with both, and I think it’s something easily acceptable.

    Everyone will always have problems, and not everyone will be able to fix them. But when we show eachother that we care even with all these rough, jagged edges that make up ourselves, and that we’d help eachother out despite all of our craziness and our imperfections- that’s what a true friendship is.


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