Hehe...Can't wait till New Moon!!!!!!! :D

Hehe...Can't wait till New Moon!!!!!!! 😀

Something happened today that was very important and life-changing. Some might think it’s nothing but it meant the world to me. I know I say I don’t care about school and shat but I’ve been lying, to myself and other’s. But if you may, I would not like to talk about it and focus on the more possitive things in life. To keep my mind off it. Here are some choices:

  • Shayla’s sleepover.
  • Mr. C-E
  • New Moon Trailer
  • Harry Potter
  • EmoBlondie
  • Mlle Tessier
  • Cult
  • Addie
  • TootleButtons
  • Grade 8
  • Parent’s Fight

Well there are some good topics…First on the list is Shayla’s sleepover/totally-awesome-partay. Well Shayla has decided that Rene is officially coming and nobody else. TootleButtons is wavering and, personally, I don’t think she is gonna come. Not that she doesn’t want to, even though she doesn’t, it’s just that she’s stubborn. She doesn’t want to come because she thinks it’s not gonna be fun. I’m not completely sure that my answer to that statement is negative… I know it will be fun because it’s gonna be me and my BUFFFS’s.(Best Unusual Friends Forever For Shayla) Not including nibojener..sorry. Your not my one of my BUFFFS. 😀 I just don’t know…I want to think it will be fun and cool. But I’m ashamed to say I’m not sure. But w.e that’s the least of my problems. NVM! I promised I wouldn’t think about that.

So anyways. Me and Mr.C-E were having an interesting chat this morning…

MR. C-E: Bonjour.

MOI: Hi…

MR.C-E: Comme a ca va? (translation for non-frenchy’s: How are you?)

MOI: Bien. (transaltion: good.)

MR.C-E: Oui…(translation: Yes.)

So I’m like totally ready to punch him. But I’m distracted by how he was micking me…Like he was making fun of me. So I scoff and sit down,  pull out a piece of paper and start on my hero’s essay. Then he says, interupting my train of thought:

MR.C-E: How’s your brother James doing?

MOI: Good..?

MR.C-E: Who’s his teacher?

MOI: IDK! What? Do you expect me to question him when he get’s home?! IDFK every little piece of my brother’s life!!

MR.C-E: Oui…


Do you notice how every conversation him and I have ends in me going WTF?? from him going Oui…. GOD I HATE HIM! Wtf is wrong with him?? Seriously!! Uhh nvm. Moving on…Ahh yes my fav subject on the list…NEW MOON!!! I lovelovelove Twilight!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78vIchP9u9I. That’s basically all I have to do..:) Anyways. Next. Harry Potter. The reason that is on the list is because I am reading it and I am very excited for the movie. Next. EmoBlondie. You are probably wondering why I put you on here, Blondie. Well that is because you were asking why I had one for TB and not you. Well here you are! Well Blondie is my best friend and I have known her since kindergarten. Not meaning we were friends back then. We actually hated eachother.:) I remember it was really stupid because we would fight over the computer’s. Well it’s not like my life doesn’t revolve around my computer…It’s just the idea of two 5 year-olds fighting over a computer. 🙂 I can’t remember why we became friends..Maybe she does but I certainly don’t. But I do remember when. It was in fifth grade..? Aurora had just left and Loosy had came..I was sad because I had no more best friends. It seemed like Addie didn’t want to be my friend anymore. And Loosy said Addie had pulled her around the hole school to see if Aurora was in any of the classes…I was scared too because it was a new school and I had no friends..Nice, eh? Uhh I was such a loser. Well not really…before I came to this school I thought I was cool. I remember I thought I ruled the school halls and everybody looked up to me. I was naive..but smarter than I am now..:) I am happy with how it is now. I am no longer bossed around, and considered part of someone’s “posse”. God I hated my life. Being freinds with Aurora and Addie had also ruined my relatuionship with my sister, I am just beginning to repare it. It changed me too, obvs. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be me. Honestly, though, would my friends still be my friends if I wasn’t me? NVM! This was supposed to be about Blondie. She’s great and insightful. She’s my very best friend and she can keep a secret. Ahh…I’m actually very tired…and I think I will go. Tata. ❤


3 Responses to “DISTRACTIONS”

  1. 1 bigcitysoundgirl
    June 17, 2009 at 4:31 am

    I didn’t comment? Weird I thought I did. Anyways I appreciate the backround on our friendship.. and wow I don’t remember how our friendship started either. It was def. grade 5, woah.. only 2 years!? Seems like it’s been forever. Anyways, grade 4. I was bff’s with Brendan Sun and Monalisa ( new nick?), and you were the newcomer to the Aurora and Addie posse. 2 totally different social universes!
    The came grade 5… Loosy came, and me and her became fast friends and everyone hated us because they thought we only cared about eachother, I remember one gym class we were doing laps and she was like, ” Sim seems like a bitch.” I was like.. “okay..” I didn’t really know you.., but I didn’t think that. I can’t remember anything in between, all I can remember is her inviting you camping. Then I can’t even remember grade 6.. we were just a threesome. We did stuff together. It was us 3. Then only this year TB came along. Because last year we wanted to rebel against Addie’s little posse. And abbie was her right hand man. And it felt so good to steal her away 😛

    Anyways, who cares how we got here. We just did.

    • 2 bigcitysoundgirl
      June 17, 2009 at 4:33 am

      WHOOPS I meant Tootlebuttons was her right hand man… hehe ,
      *breaks a sweat*

      • 3 similala26
        June 17, 2009 at 9:51 pm

        Haha…wow, reminiscing is fun! I can’t remember that far back..For some reason I remember alot of things from when I was with Aurora..Queird, eh?
        Did Loosy really say that?…:(((
        *single tear*
        She hated me before we became BUFFFS’s?!?!??!
        Haha NVM we are BUFFFS’s now!

        P.S Watch you tongue EmoBlondie!!!

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