Today was fun packed! Being sarcastic here..Today was horrible. In a sense. Well my day was going fine until mysteriously my friends, loosy, EmoBlondie, and Tootlebuttons started getting called to the office… Odd. I asked Lella about it and she said and I quote, “I have no idea. Seriously I have nothing to do with this. I don’t know where they are going.” ??? Right! So anyways I went to band and they weren’t there either. The all of a sudden I look back and their walking through the door. But not only are they walking through the door, EmoBlondie, Loosy and Tootlebuttons, but Lella is with them! So I’m kind of like WTF? Mr G (our band teacher) sees them and is all “Hey why are you guys like 37 minutes late for my 39 minute class? Get over here!” and all that shat. So they go see him and are talking and stuff. And I’m like kind of stressing over why the 4 people I told this devastating secret to would want to betray me and call my parents? Or a teacher? OUR PRINCIPAL!! Then I get all mad because I trusted them to keep this secret and they bretayed me. Kind of what Jacob did to Bella with the bikes and stuff. Except a smaller bretrayl. Or not… not sure. But I felt pretty bad. But yea I decided I was overeacting and they wouldn’t do that. So I picked up my instrument and practiced St Louis Blues. Then! All of a sudden MsPlunkett is on the speaker phone asking if I can come to the office right away. I could have been blushing violently If I could. (See i have no idea how to blush! Has anyone really ever seen me blush? I don’t think so!) Anyways. I packed up my instrument, since it was almost time to leave anyways, and put it in my cubby hole (I know it sound childish to have a cubby hole but I have no better way to explain it.) I grabbed my sister’s purse, that I briefly borrowed, and headed out the door feeling 4 eyes on my back. I was heading to the office and thinking “WTF!!! WHY HAVE THEY DONE THIS!! I TOLD THEM NEVER AGAIN!! BETCHES!! I WANT TO RIP THEIR HEADS OFF!!” But keeping my face composed. When I walked into the office I went to the secretary’s desk. She looked up surprised and was probably thinking “why is this freak here?” But I just said in a polite tone, “I was called?” She looked to Ms Plunkett and told me Mr.. *ahem* Rudd was waiting for me. He came from the little hallway beside Ms Plunkett. He told me to follow him. I liked Mr before this, he was nice, jolly and always wore weird, comfortable stuff. Tody he was wearing a piano shirt. But right now at this moment I felt a strange aversion to him. I knew what it was though. In my mind,  in the past, I thought I could come to him when I needed help solving problems in the future. But now I was thinking traitor. Because I knew what he thought of me, “Poor little girl. Exposed to drugs at sucha  young age.” IDIOTS!! OMFG. But anyways. We were walking to this small office thing by the power mech lab. He gestured for me to sit on the little chair in the corner. Cornering me. Nice. He sat down in the other chair on the other side of the small round table. Here is how the conversation went.

MR: You look a little nervous. Don’t worry your not in trouble.

MOI: I’d assume not since I have done nothing wrong.

MR: Your friends are worried about you. You’ve been having some trouble with your life? School? Home?

MOI: I have been having some trouble in school-

MR: Are you being exempt?

MOI: No.

MR: How about home?

MOI: No need to bring that up.

MR: Well this is probably because your so messed up. Your parents are probably a big problem too.

MOI: Thanks for your concernbut it’s unescesary. I promised my friends I’ve never tried drugs and have no intention. I personnnaly think that they just want more drame Mr. And BTW my parents are wonderful.

MR: I’m just gonna ingore you and force you to go to this 5 session seminar. Not because you have a problem but because we are worried about you.

MOI: Right. Well I don’t think I need to go to a seminar.

MR: Well you wouldn’t, crazy girl. Just think about it. You know where to reach me?

MOI: No but it doesn’t even matter because I won’t think about it or even consider it. Goodbye.

So I was speedwalking to my social class. All the while I was thinking “THOSE BETCHES!! IM GONNA IGNORE THEM FOREVER!!I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY DID THIS TO ME!! AFTER ALL I’VE DONE FOR THEM!! FARK!!!” I got to social late. I was embarrased but I was mostly mad at my friends for bretraying me like that. I got to my seat and was on a mission to ignore. I desperatly wanted to talk to them and ask them why so sudden and why they betrayed me like that. Mostly I wanted to blame them. I really can’t hold a grudge. So I talked to Loosy, wel not really talked. Just told her her presentation was good. It was mine turn and it was really awkward, I felt. I thought our presentation was fine. I am not very good speaking in front of people so I stuttered and stumbled and lisped throught the paragraphs.:(( Not very good I’d say. Loosy’s was good and creepy.  She talked really well and did not stumble through words and her project looked good. sometimes I wish I was Loosy. But then I reconsider because she always moves around and has to make new friends. I like my friends and I don’t like to move around. My life’s fine at the moment.:P I eventually full on talked to them and made up without sayin so. It was fine:))) Tata.


2 Responses to “THE MR.”

  1. 1 bigcitysoundgirl
    June 6, 2009 at 2:36 am

    C’mon sim, you know we’re just looking out for you. If we didn’t care about you we wouldn’t have done anything,but things like that can be seen from many different angles so w/e, it’s over.
    You say yo have no problem, and so that’s how I, EmoBlondie, will leave it.
    You should write a post soon! Us blog nerds. =]

  2. June 6, 2009 at 3:15 am

    Haha I was just about to write a new one. Thank you for not starting anything, again. Thank you truly. I know ya’ll were just looking out for me, I was just letting off some steam. I don’t even remember writing this down lol. Andandand I don’t have the power to see things from other angles like toi, EmoBlondie. But I guess I should have thought it through coherently before I started being all betchy. :)))

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