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Edward Cullen and his smexy piano <<<333

Edward Cullen and his smexy piano <<<333

I have a major headache right now, I don’t feel like posting, but I owe it to all my Fellow Follower’s and Blog Mates. I have discovered new things about me, in this short amount of time alone. I have found my new favorite song. I have found things I like and don’t like, in social standards. Like the KyraKrew. I have found I don’t like all the things they do, such as drugs, and I will rise against it. I have already seen that change in myself. I do love hanging out with them, and all the crazy things they do. I just let free with them and be myself, well not entirely myself but close enough to the real me. I have no idea what ‘the real me’ is though. I guess I will find out in time, I will find out from my likes and dislikes and the people I hate. Who knows, maybe one day those people will become the one people I can relate to, and the people I tend to shy away from will become the only people I can get close to, and the people who I can relate to now, will only grow away … I don’t know if that’s what I want, but it’s all in the process of growing. I have no control over what fate holds for me. I may be in control of what I do and say, but the future is a mystery. I have to admitt that that terrfies me. I might even start crying. But this is for me, and my Fello Follower’s and Blog Mates, that I am doing this. Expressing my feelings is one of the hardest things for me, I tend to get a little nervous and frightened thinking about what people will think of me if I write them down. But telling people what I think has never been a problem. I don’t like that way my brain works. It sucks. But it’s me. People, I think, have always known me for telling people exactly what I think. I don’t necassarily care if it hurts people, because I feel great when I do it. Except, of course, if it is people I care about deeply. I would like to move onto a less antagonistic subject.

My sister’s sweet sixteen! That’s gonna be fun. My sister invited Blondie, because, for some strange reason, she likes her. I happen to think Blondie and Kyra are opposites, but if she likes her I have no reason to object. She doesn’t want any of my other friends to come because, from what she’s heard from me, TB is too violent and Loosy is too fake. 🙂 Good for her! She has half the truth. I never thought, though, that out of those three she’d pick Blondie. Not that Blondie isn’t my favorite, I just don’t think of her s a people person, per se. 🙂 Well I am getting quite hungry, not unusual for a walrus. Tata.



I have been writing a story, but I have no idea if it is good or not. I should let Blondie decide. I am not the true creator of the story. Amber had the idea of writing it, I have, I think, been alot of help. 🙂

Oh, yes, that is my project for the summer. It was soo sad on the last day, I’m tearing up just thinking about it. The grade eights are off to high school and Lella is off to Saudi Arabia. Nice. Tata.



 Just thought I’d share my favorite part in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Mostly because of Luna. She’s great..:) ❤

:)))Somehow this has to do with the topic.

:)))Somehow this has to do with the topic.

Page 472, The Lost Diadem:

            They climbed in tight, dizzying circles; Harry had never been up here before. At last they reached a door. There was no handle and no keyhole: nothing but a plain expanse of aged wood, and a bronze knocker in the shape of an eagle.

           Luna reached out a pale hand, which looked eerie floating in mid-air, unconnected to arm or body. She knocked once, and in the silence it sounded to Harry like a cannon blast. At once the beak of the eagle opened, but instead of a bird’s call, a soft, musical voice said, ‘Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?’

           ‘Hmm … What do you think, Harry?’ Said Luna, looking thoughtful.

           ‘What? Isn’t there just a password?’

           ‘Oh, no, you’ve got to answer a question’ said Luna.

           ‘What if you get it wrong?’

           ‘Well, you have to wait for somebody who gets it right,’ said Luna. ‘That way you learn, you see?’

           ‘Yeah … trouble is, we can’t really afford to wait for anyone else, Luna.’

           ‘No, I see what you mean,’ said Luna seriously. ‘Well then, I think the answer is that a circle has no beginning.’

           ‘Well reasoned,’ said a voice, and the door swung open.

           The deserted Ravenclaw common room was a wide, circular room, airier than any Harry had ever seen at Hogwarts. Graceful arched windows punctuated the walls, which were hung with blue and bronze silks: by day, the Ravenclaws would have a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains. The ceiling was domed and painted with stars, which were echoed in the midnight-blue carpet. There were tables, chairs and bookcases, and in a niche opposite the door stood a tall statue of white marble.

           Harry recognized Rowena Ravenclaw from the bust he had seen at Luna’s house. The statue stood beside a door which led, he guessed, to the dormitories above. He strode right up to the marble woman and she seemed to look back at him with a quizzical half-smile on her face, beautiful yet slightly intimidating. A delicate-looking circle had been reproduced in marble on top of her head. It was not unlike the tiara Fleur had worn at her wedding. There were tiny words etched into it. Harry stepped out from under the Cloak and climbed up on Ravenclaw’s plinth to read them.

           ‘ “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest pleasure.”’

          ‘Which makes you pretty skint, witless,’ said a cackling voice.

           Harry whirled around, slipped off the plinth and landed on the floor. The sloping-shouldered figure of Alecto Carrow was standing before him, and even as Harry raised his wand, she pressed a stubby forefinger to the skull and snake branded on her forearm.

Page 474, The Sacking of Severus Snape

             The moment her finger touched the Mark, Harry’s scar burned savagely, the starry room vanished from sight, and he was standing upon an outcrop of rock beneath a cliff, and the sea was washing around him and there was triumph in his heart- they have the boy.

             A loud bang brought Harry back to where he stood: disorientated, he raised his wand, but the witch before him was already falling forwards; she hit the ground so hard that the glass in the bookcases tinkled.

             ‘I’ve never stunned anyone before except in our DA lessons,’ said Luna, sounding mildly interested. ‘That was noisier than I thought it would be.’

             And sure enough, the ceiling had begun to tremble. Scurrying, echoing footsteps were growing louder from behind the door leading to the dormitories: Luna’s spells had woken the Ravenclaws sleeping above.

             ‘Luna, where are you? I need to get under the Cloak!’

             Luna’s feet appeared out of nowhere; he hurried to her side and she let the Cloak fall over them as the door opened and a stream of Ravenclaws, all in their nightclothes, flooded into the common room. There were gasps and cries of surprise as they saw Alecto lying there unconscious. Slowly, they shuffled around her, a savage beast that might wake at any moment and attack them. Then one brave little one-year darted up to her and prodded her backside with his big toe.

            ‘I think she’s dead!’ he shouted with delight.

            ‘Oh look,’ whispered Luna happily, as the Ravenclaws crowded in around Alecto. ‘They’re pleased!’

            ‘Yeah …great …’

            Harry closed his eyes, and as his scar throbbed he chose to sink again into Voldemort’s mind … he was moving along the tunnel into the first cave … he had chosen to make sure of the locket before coming … but that would not take him long …

           There was a rap on the common-room door and every Ravenclaw froze. From the other side, Harry heard a soft, musical voice that issued from the eagle doorknocker. ‘Where do vanished objects go?’

          ‘I dunno, do I? Shut it!’ snarled an uncouth voice that Harry knew was that of the Carrow brother, Amycus. ‘Alecto? Alecto? Are you there? Have you got him? Open the door!’

          The Ravenclaws were whispering amongst themselves, terrified. Then, without warning, there came a series of loud bangs, as though somebody was firing a gun into the door.

          ‘ALECTO! If he comes, and we haven’t got Potter – d’you want to go the same way as the Malfoy’s? ANSWER ME!’ Amycus bellowed, shaking the door for all it was worth, but still, it did not open. The Ravenclaws were all backing away, and some of the most frightened began scampering back up the staircase to their beds. Then, just as Harry was wondering whether he ought not to blast open the door and Stun Amycus before the Death Eater could do anything else, a second, most familiar voice rang out beyond the door.

          ‘May I ask what you are doing, Professor Carrow?’

          ‘Trying – to get – through this damned – door!’ shouted Amycus. ‘Go and get Flitwick! Get him to open it, now!’

          ‘But isn’t your sister in there?’ asked Professor McGonagall. ‘Didn’t Professor Flitwick let her in, earlier this evening, at your urgent request? Perhaps she could open the door for you? Then you needn’t wake up half the castle.’

           ‘She ain’t answering, you old bosom! You open it! Garn! Do it, now!/

            ‘Certainly, if you wish,’ said Professor McGonagall, with awful coldness. There was a genteel tap of the knocker and the musical voice asked, again, ‘Where do vanished objects go?’

             ‘Into non-being, which is to say, everything,’ replied Professor McGonagall.

             ‘Nicely phrased,’ replied the eagle doorknocker, and the door swung open.

              The few Ravenclaws who had remained behind sprinted for the stairs as Amycus burst over the threshold, brandishing his wand. Hunched like his sister, he had a pallid, doughy face and tiny eyes, which fell at once on Alecto, sprawled motionless on the floor. He let out a yell of fury and fear.

Tata. ❤



Loosy!! <3
Loosy!! ❤

I just got back from Loosy’s birthday/sleepover. It was, just as I expected deep down, fun. Well, here’s how it went. I got at Loosy’s house and Loosy brings me to the living room with the t.v, she has 2 living rooms (well I guess one is a sitting room or whatever, I never see anyone sitting there.), and Lella is there. So I’m like, “HEY!” With much enthusiasm. We, me and Lella, sit there for a while watching ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ while Loosy’s eating with her family.  Then the doorbell rings and TB comes in! I’m kinda glad because it was getting boring sitting there with Lella. Loosy finishes eating and we sit there talking for a while. I ask about Blondie and find out she is gonna be about 2 hours late. Shocker! Aparently she and her mother went to get her dress in Winnipeg and they were on their way back as we spoke. Nice. When will Blondie ever be on time? But anyways, we decided it was time to do something constructive. *wink,wink* Guess who’s words?*Nudge,nudge* So we went outside and Loosy thought it would be fun to get me soaked; we played a “friendly” round of  ‘water balloons being tossed into the trampoline while ganging up on Simi because she’s in a really nice (borrowed) dress.’ Sounds like fun! In the end my dress was soaked and I had to squeeze into a pair of Loosy’s  sweats and t-shirt. Nice. Well my bra was still wet so it soaked through the shirt and…well I’m sure you understand. I was embarrased. But, thank god, Blondie pulls up and I borrow her sweater. Blondie coming, I think, saved the party. Oh right! Nibojener didn’t come! Lella said she went to his house to pick him up but he wasn’t there. 😦 W.e. He missed all the fun. So after we chatted for a while we went to pick up the cake at D.Q. I was amazed that we managed to fit me, Blondie, Lella and TB in the back of that truck. Accomplishment!! Haha. I kinda forget what happened when we got back…I remember I made Loosy open her presents. I think she liked mine. Purse, yellow, 78$, Says Bella, She wanted it. Good present all and all. TB got her a Twilight book and shower stuff. Blondie got her a card and surprise bag. Lella got her an Ardenes 20$ gift card. I remember watching Jumper. I liked it. There was this really hot Irish guy or whatever and Rachel Bilson! Haha. And there was Kristen Stuart at the end. She had 8 words. I counted. She says “Hi. Can I help you? Hey mom. Okay.” Wow… That shows how obsessed I am…And Loosy. Then I remember us eating cake, me and TB didn’t finish, and this one piece of it that wouldn’t break! I made a video of it, on Lella’s camera. Oh! We went on a journey. That was fun. We went on this path and went far. 🙂 FUN!! Haha. Then Loosy and Blondie and Loosy made a ridiculous dance. I wish I had a video! It was hilarious. Then we went to bed talking to eachother. I remember I was paranoid and was afraid to go to the washroom. 🙂 Silly me. Now today I have to go perform at Island Park in about 35 minutes. Uhh…Not looking forward to that. Don’t get me wrong I love performing, I just don’t like the pressure of it all. My parents expect me to be perfect, I’m sure Blondie expects me to be great, everyone there is gonna laugh or cough or just sit there bored. I’m not nervous, just pressured. I should practise (sp?). Tata. ❤



Haha I was dumb! I forgot Blondie had a job! Haha, handing flyers. BUt yea that’s what she was doing. Idk about Loosy, but as long as they weren’t toghether :). Alright that sounds bad! But ya’ll know what I mean! I forgive Blondie and Loosy! For doing nothing haha. Tata.



My friends are no where to be found. I’ve called Loosy and Blondie a thousand times, and over and over again; no picks up. I’m kinda mad, but mostly upset. Like my heart has dropped. They’ve probably gone somwhere without me because I’m such a bore. They’ve probably decided to exclude me. I thought that Blondie would be past that? I thought that she would have at leats called to see if I was home. That’s what I would’ve done. *Juts out chin* I don’t think I want to go to Loosy’s party anymore. Carson can take my spot. I feel really betrayed! I thought that Blondie would be above that. Well, Simi, maybe they are just out with there families at the same time? Probable. Maybe they’ve went to the EX toghether and have decided to leave me out because Loosy’s mum hates me. Possible. I want to, and choose to, believe the second idea. Not that I like the feeling in me right now, the one I cannot name because it’s full of many emotions, I just like being right.   Wow that’s not a good thing to admit. But it’s true; and I promised I’d tell the truth. It would suck balls if my prediction came truth. I would cry, probably….But that kinda thing seems out of character for Blondie. She was just saying last night how she hated feeling left out from all of the exempt kids going to the school and not inviting her. But she didn’t call. Maybe it is the first thing. IDK. I will know in a few hours. ARGH!!! We were supposed to go to the movies! *Gasp* That’s probably what their doing! ;( *single tear* I’ll check in later. BLONDIE IF YOUR READING THIS COMMENT!!! *streaming tears suddenly come* Tata. ❤



ROB!!!!!!!!!! I love this pic because of Robert and all of his sexieness.

ROB!!!!!!!!!! I love this pic because of Robert and all of his sexieness.

I AM FINISHED MODULES!!! It’s a time for celebration. A time to show weaknesses and just go with the flow. That is why I have put my guard down for the night. You see; I have been restraining myself so I will not show too much emotion while with my campanions. Which means I have been trying not to be so vulnerable. I think I made a good choice. Though, tonight, I will let everything go and just feel what I feel. I am planning on going to the movies with them tonight…I hope it turns out good. I wonder if Tootle’s is going? That’s the main problem. Shayla and Tootle got in a quarl, or however you spell it, when us dumbies were at school. Aparently, as Blondie descibed it, TootleButtons and Loosy were riding their bikes to Loosy’s house and TB really had to use the washroom so she speed up and got there before Loosy. Then she ran inside and locked the door on Loosy. Loosy went in throught the back door and started yelling at TB. So I wonder…Huh. Maybe it’s too late..? I’ll call Blondie. Tata.

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Twilight, as you all know, is my favorite thing in the whole wide world. So I decided to put quotes on here. I want to put 3 quotes a day from now on. Here are my favorite quotes:

You know, Jacob, you’re awfully self-righteous — considering that you’re a werewolf and all.
Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 4, p.111

Well… don’t be offended, but you smell like a dog.
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 6, p.144

I was all braced for the wrath that was going to put grizzlies to shame, and this is what I get? I should infuriate you more often.
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 8, p.186

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