This Amber's favorite New Moon Poster...:)))) It's mine too :D He's so damn hot and sexy!! I can't wait to see him take his shirt off in New Moon lol :p But seriously can't wait till New Moon!!

This Amber's favorite New Moon Poster...:)))) It's mine too 😀 He's so damn hot and sexy!! I can't wait to see him take his shirt off in New Moon lol :p But seriously can't wait till New Moon!!


This is a pic of my oh-so-famous cousin Amber. I know, I know. She's gorgeous. :)))

This is a pic of my oh-so-famous cousin Amber. I know, I know. She's gorgeous. :)))

 My cousin is unofficially 18 today. YAY FOR HER! Sux for me… Can’t wait for my OWN 18th birthday. Freedom baby! I hope she has a good fake related birthday. I should talk about a more interesting subject… Ahh yes. The sweet sucess of me. I’m failing in school, becasue it is  the hard stuff. But if I FAIL the hard stuff in middle school then how am I supposed to do the EASY stuff in high school?!?! Life just get’s better from here too. Secret’s, secret’s… All around. Fark. I don’t neccesarily(sp?) like people keeping secrets from me. I believe it is unfair. AND I DO NOT like it when the secrets they are keeping involve me and my future. Not that I know that,I just have a gut feeling that their talking about me. Paranoia(sp?) is never good… Haha I realize the title is sarcastic, don’t take me seriously at the moment face 8-:( To me my life doesn’t make any sense. I should be really happy, but I’m not. I feel like there is a hole in my life… But what is it? Rhetorical obvs. The point is I have no idea why I am not happy… My parent’s get me almost everything I wnat. I don’t like in a shat or a ramshackle(sp?) of a house. My parents feed me… and that’s good 8-:( I am surrounded by people who love me and would be like really hurt if I wnated to go off myself or something. DONT TAKE THAT SERIOUSLY! I AM NOT EMO OR ANYTHING!! But most off the time I am sitting somewhere pondering my life. What would happen if I wasn’t here? What am I gonna do with my life when I fail out of school? What are my rents gonna think? And my grandparents? I guess I feel as if I wnated to do so much and wanted to BE so much, and now my dreams aren’t gonna come true. Like I wnated to be a vet! How is that gonna happen? It’s not. I love animals big whoop. I’m not smart enough. I wanted to be the prime minister of Manitoba. Yea right simi. Like that is EVER gonna happen. I know, I’ve told myself a million times. I am probably gonna end up in a cubical answering phones. HUMAN RESOURCES? Does that require you to be smart and go to High School? Probably. Maybe I’ll be a gold digger. Like my and my sister were joking about today. A joke turned into reality….Nice. Marry an old man before I’m 18 and just live life like the rich and luxurious(sp?). That sounds good to me. 😛 My big dream, the one that’s been on my mind since I was 3, was to be a singer. Does that require a College degree? Or even Require you to have gone to high school? I dont think so! Britney Spears quit High School so she could follow her musical career. It could work for me. Not that I wanna be like Britney Spears and Have like 3 kids b4 I am 21. Like the sucess of her. I could do that. Now I am more hopefull. Tata.

UPDATED: So apparently I am emo now. Yes, yes simi the emotional. I almost cried over a stupid unrelated subject to my own stupid life. Fark. I don’t know why I am being so tosswitted. I should just accept the fact that with things the way they are it HAS to be like this. Huh. Wonder why she added me though. I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO SEE HER PICS. I knew what they would be of. But I was unsure of my reactions and stuff and I don’t want to sound whiney but I HATE HER!! Betch. Renny should burn in hell. Argh! The pics are, if your wondering, about her and, ahem, Ham Ham. I don’t know why she’s being a betch about this. They are not like official or anything. Their like snogging and stuf but she’s a whore, she does that with everyone. Can’t talk right now. Tata

UPDATED: Okay so apparently turning 18 doesnt make you mature or anything. It’s the same as when your 17 you can just call yourself 18 and say “Im more mature than you and I can boss you around if I want!” It’s kind of like turning 12-13, you canc all yourself a teenager but you are not any different from when you were 12 and an adolescnece(sp?) But anyways the point of this was to not blab on about ages and maturity it was about telling people just because your something doesn’t mean you ARE. If that makes sense. Anyways I have to sleepover now and I don’t know if it’s really gonna be a ‘girls night’ or anything but it’s HER birthday and I wanna be with her, even if she doesn’t wanna be with us. Even if we’re her second choice… Don’t know why I just thought I’d put this on here. The definiton of BLOG is: A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links. So I guess that means you do not show your day or anything or treat it like your diary. Although people could, if they wanted. I will try and write inmy BLOG everyday. I can do that. I am responsible and am a TEENAGER! I can do this. Lolz I’m just like Amber.  *sighs* *head desks* *decides to go get a piece of meat* 

UPDATED:  I would like to say that eating a honky-dory piece of meat does not make you fat! Last I heard meat was good for you!! What has happened to the world? Rhetorical question I know exactly what has happened. Society. So let’s say that like 30% of people are having babies right now. Where would that be? Canada obvs. Maybe the Californian suburbs. But that would probably mean the kid was curopted(sp?). Why would anyone want a corupted(sp?) kid. No offence but I wouldnt. I definently know that people aren’t having kids in Ney York. Why would they want to? And where would it be? Really my definition of New York is PARTYING, SEX AND BOOZE. And short dresses and really cute heels. That’s why I wanna live in NY or Cali. But maybe with all the sex and booze in NY that’s where people are having sex the most? IDK I probably sound really stupid right now… so I’ll stop. I was just rambling on and I forget my point…. Ahh Yes! The meat.  Do you think anybody eats meat in Cali? Well maybe seafood, but that doesn’t really count. I think the most meat eating place in the world would be Texas. Because they have all those horses and they just seem like the kind of town to eat alot of meat. No offense to all Texians. I was just trying to make a point here. If eating meat is bad then so is eating seafood, Because they are in the same food bin. Tata.


2 Responses to “BETTER THAN LIFE”

  1. 1 amberapocolypse69
    June 9, 2009 at 3:41 am

    o0o0o pretty pictures 😛

    • 2 similala26
      June 11, 2009 at 5:51 am

      Haha yes.. The only reason you think so is because you are so superficial and love to look at his body and your face. 🙂 But I still love you! ❤

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Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 4, p.111

Well… don’t be offended, but you smell like a dog.
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 6, p.144

I was all braced for the wrath that was going to put grizzlies to shame, and this is what I get? I should infuriate you more often.
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 8, p.186

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